Our Team

Meet The Masters Behind Our Delicious Products

Nathan Carey

(Founder & President )
A millennial on a mission%
Nathan combines his passion for healthy living with his experience in construction management%
manufacturing innovation%
nutrition and entrepreneurship to develop ProYo products that enhance and promote a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Nathan stays energized to lead ProYo through a combination of pushing it to the limits in the gym%
staying active with friends outdoors and chasing after his dog and ProYo mascot%
great dane Tritan. %

Trudi Carey

(Chairman & CEO)
Trudi is a 4th generation entrepreneur and is an award winning experienced business leader. She has been a board member of for profit%
nonprofit and publicly traded boards. With a passion for marketing and problem solving she brings over 38 years of business experience to the team. In her free time she is a gourmet cook%
tennis player%
electric bike rider and avid reader.%

Shari Mock

(Chief Operating Officer)
An experienced operations expert focused on continuous improvement and the delivery of quality products to the market%
Shari makes sure the best ProYo hits store shelves and arrives on-time. An avid cyclist%
Shari has a passion for the outdoors. She is also crazy for animals and lives with her husband and three adorable cats.%

Mike Fransz

( VP of Marketing)
An innovative marketing veteran with an entrepreneurial spirit%
Mike thrives on successfully helping early-stage food%
beverage and lifestyle brands authentically come to market. Off the clock%
Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids%
and pushing his limits snowboarding and running Spartan Races. %