Tips for Keeping Fit While Injured

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ProYo began with a bang: a devastating weightlifting accident that sent me to the hospital and into months of painful rehab. It was through my journey of recovery and meeting other patients like me who needed convenient, nutrient-packed foods, that I came up with the idea for ProYo. I was reminded of this journey recently when I once again had an unfortunate accident, tearing a tendon in my right knee while on a construction job site cleaning up metal studs.

This new injury not only reminded me of how I came to create ProYo, but also the determination it takes to stick to your fitness and nutrition program with an injury. As I know it can be tough, I wanted to share some tips on how I stay focused on recovery, not allowing an injury to create imbalance or a deficit in health in my life. I hope these tips can help provide inspiration to anyone else dealing with an injury, or other life obstacles for that matter, that can become an easy excuse to stop taking care of you. I know, at least for me, it’s the positive endorphins of a good workout that help generate the creativity and problem-solving I need to successfully tackle my work day.

  • Set Limits. Work with your doctor and physical therapist to set boundaries and limits to your workouts so that you safely get on a sweat without jeopardizing your recovery.
  • Partner Up. It’s a lot easier to stay on track when you’re accountable to a friend or family member. Even with an injury, set times to meet a buddy at the gym or to hit the beach for a good fitness session. When someone else is counting on you, you’re less likely to bail.
  • Pain is Gain. No matter how lame, painful and embarrassing the motions are of physical therapy, know that each crazy move is getting you closer to recovery. Smile through it and focus on the long-term results.
  • Stick to the Plan. When you start to feel better, it can be tempting to push it too hard or to test your limits. Trust in the expert advice of your docs and PTs and keep working your recovery plan, staying within their direction so you don’t re-injure yourself or delay your recovery.
  • Create a Ritual. While all our lives are running a million miles a minute, when you have an injury it’s a good time to create rituals that support overall wellness. Even if you’re traveling, have a busy work day or are looking ahead to plans with friends, don’t skip your mind/body practices. You’ve got one body, don’t skip those parts of your day that support and cherish it!
  • Food as Medicine. While it can be tempting to use your injury as an excuse to indulge in a beer or a cookie, it’s more important than ever to drink tons of water and choose healthy, nutrient-dense foods that’ll support your recovery. You’ll get better faster if you’re well hydrated and putting food in your body that is full of protein, fiber and other nutrients.

How do you stay focused on your health and fitness among life’s obstacles?