Frequently Asked Questions About Our ProYo Smoothie Tubes

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Our consumer testing has been overwhelmingly in favor of the “anytime” convenience of a squeeze tube. Consumers applaud their ability to consume ProYo “on the go” with only one hand needed to consume a ProYo and with no mess if the product partially thaws. In addition, the squeeze tube is paper-based and recyclable.

ProYo Vanilla Bean contains 140 calories per 4oz tube.
ProYo Banana Vanilla contains 140 calories per 4oz tube.
ProYo Blueberry Pomegranate contains 150 calories per 4oz tube.
ProYo Dutch Chocolate contains 140 calories per 4oz tube.

Each ProYo contains only pure sugar (sucrose) and a very small amount of stevia as the added carbohydrate sources. Stevia is acknowledged as a natural source of carbohydrate. Sugar levels are 13 grams of sugar per 4oz ProYo tube of: Vanilla Bean, Banana Vanilla,or Dutch Chocolate. ProYo Blueberry Pomegranate contains 14 grams of sugar per 4oz tube.

Each ProYo contains Organic Agave Inulin Fiber that is termed prebiotic. The term “prebiotic” is generally defined as a specialized plant fiber that beneficially nourishes the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon. This fiber acts as a fertilizer to promote the growth of many of the good bacteria in the digestive tract. These good bacteria, in turn, provide many digestive and general health benefits.

Each ProYo incorporates five probiotic cultures: Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus lactis, and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Probiotic cultures live in the digestive tract where they are considered to create a healthier digestive environment. Antibiotics, poor nutrition, stress, and aging can reduce the amount of beneficial bacteria in your intestine, and it can be replenished by eating products containing probiotic cultures.

Each 4oz ProYo tube contains an average of 200 billion live probiotic culture organisms.

ProYo is a very high protein product. We believe it is the highest protein yogurt or frozen yogurt on the market. We have achieved a level of 20 grams of protein in each ProYo 4oz tube so people need to consume less food to achieve their target or recommended protein levels. And each ProYo tastes delicious, unlike most high protein nutritional products on the market.

One ProYo 4oz tube per day contains 30-40% of most people’s daily protein Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).

We start with rBST-free & rBGH-free milk and boost the protein using pure 100% milk whey proteins. Using these ingredients we are able to achieve a level of 20 grams of protein in each 4oz tube of ProYo Frozen Yogurt.