Hands on time20 min
Total time2 hr 20 min
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You may remember we worked with Chandice Probst of Gluten Free Frenzy last summer to throw a Spring ProYo Pilates Party. Because we so love her positive and creative approach to eating gluten-free, we’re excited to share that we’ve teamed up with Chandice again to create an irresistibly-awesome holiday dessert – Peanut Butter S’mores Pie!

Make sure to follow Chandice on Instagram and  Twitter, too, for other gluten-free recipe ideas and giveaways.

Here is the recipe:


– 1 gluten-free graham cracker crust

–  4 tubes (1 box 16oz) Dutch Chocolate ProYo High Protein Frozen Yogurt

–  1 jar marshmallow fluff

–  2 additional gluten-free graham crackers

–  2oz chocolate chips


– Allow ProYo to thaw for 10 minutes

– Pour the ProYo into the gluten-free graham cracker crust

– Freeze for 1-2 hours, or until firm

– Spread marshmallow fluff over the pie

– Meanwhile, warm the chocolate then drizzle over the marshmallow fluff

– Top with crushed gluten-free graham crackers